BRG Ronart

The build project of a Ronart W152 S6 in British Racing Green

The Latest

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The Car

The Ronart is a Jaguar powered racing car, inspired by the powerful, front engined, 50s Grand Prix cars. Although technically a kit car, the Ronart is by far superior to what you would be used to as a kit car, it is referred to more as a "hand-built, Jaguar powered, racing car". Compared to a Ford or similar based kit such as a seven style car, it is a completely different sort of car. Having the mechanicals from a Jaguar XJ of the 70s, it is a much bigger and more solid feeling car.

The kit is made in the Vanwall factory in Peterborough. Vanwall being the winners of the Formula 1 world championship in 1958, makes the Ronart feel more authentic and shows the roots of the design. This is one of the reasons that we chose the car to be in British Racing Green.

Who We Are

I'm James Ganderton and my dad is Simon Ganderton. Dad's been working on cars for all his life, from a 998cc Mini to a 3 litre BMW and now a 4.2 Jag, he's almost done it all. I too have been working with cars all my life, all 15 years of it. Our other car is a '72 MG Midget with a 16 valve K-Series engine mated to the standard gearbox and most of my experience is basically working as an apprentice on that car. Dad has always wanted an E-Type but money doesn't grow on trees and the original idea was to do a D-Type replica but after finding the Ronart, we decided not to do a replica as it would have to be a copy to be right. We wanted a bit of freedom, and the dream was to build a 50s racing car, so the Ronart is perfect.

The Idea

Build a 50s racing car based on the mechanicals of a Jag and blog the build up on the web. So, while dad will probably do most of the work, I'm going to be putting it all up on here.

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