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Posted by James on March 1, 2013 at 11:45 AM


So, lately, we have been doing the little jobs, the whole interior is completed (photos soon), a passenger headrest fitted (see below), a crank-case breather fitted and all sorts of thing of that manner.

A requirement for the individual vehicle approval test (IVA), is that we must have a headrest for all seats. Another requirement is that nothing can be (nor appear) temporary. Normally, to meet the headrest requirement, Ronart would lend you a headrest which can be temporarily fitted for IVA. This is grey and Dad feared it may seem temporary (comparing to the driver’s headrest being red leather) and therefore the car would fail. Also, in a crash, having a headrest can save lives. It would also help to keep your head on when you get hit by 200 ft-lb of torque. As the seats are made from the original XJ’s leather, and so was the drivers headrest, we looked back at the headrests from the donor. They match the other headrest and seats as it is out of the same perforated red leather. They are also quite minimalist and have a single chrome stalk and a small chrome trim around the hole. So, Dad installed the mount for the headrest and now there is a small hole in the body behind the passenger seat where, if needed, a second headrest can be fitted and then removed when parked or driving alone.

As the car would fail the emissions section of the IVA without a proper breather system fitted, and the original was broken, we needed to make one. The older cars to use the XK engine had a breather that, unlike the XJ, went sideways and then out to a catch can. The XJ had an uglier way of using a breather. It went vertical and then had a rubber mount which ran to the carbs. Still using the carbs to create a negative pressure, Dad positioned the mounting downwards, this looks much better. There is then a copper 90° pipe which attaches to rubber hoses which run to the carbs original vacuum pipe. This looks quite neat and means we won’t need a catch can and won’t have any spare inlets on the carbs.

To pass the sound requirements for IVA, the car needs to be less than 99 dB 50cm away from the exhaust. At the moment, it’s on a straight, open pipe. This will not pass IVA so we need a box/silencer. Dad has got a cylindrical stainless box that should work nicely. This is yet to be fitted.

We have also fitted wing mirrors, although, Dad fears that these may not pass as they need to be easily adjustable. The mirrors can be adjusted but the bolt has to be loosened. We have also had to make a larger plate for the rear number plate as IVA requires a certain size which the Ronart plate isn’t.

Next… IVA! We are definitely now at the stage where the next thing is IVA. We will be doing a mock IVA test, going through every rule, trying to make sure that it will pass. So, wish us luck!

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