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Nearing Completion

Posted by James on December 30, 2012 at 10:55 AM

I can only apologise for the lack of activity on the website. I haven't been able to update the site because of school, exams and other commitments in general. Anyway...


You may be wondering how the title of this post can be what it is. Well, it has surprised us too. Dad has been hard at work in the garage. He has got the rear section on, with some difficulty (meaning lots of help from me). He has got all 4 wings on the car, fitted and fiberglassed to their brackets. He has got all lights (other than reverse and fog) fitted and working. He has also got all body panels fitted along with other things such as bonnet stay and locks. He has fitted a shelf in the head fairing, for easy storage of hats, gloves, etc. Also, mounted to the shelf is the switch for the fuel pumps. As we have fitted two fuel pumps in series (for reliability reasons alone), it is necessary to switch between either of the two, or disable them completely. This is also a very good security feature. The front grill is in, the side panel grills are all in and the rear number plate mount is also fitted.


With the car this far down the lines, we took it out of the garage for a small run. Just down our road to check everything was in order. All was good but it is very windy. With a smile on our faces, the car was reversed back into the garage (with a few attempts).


The only things left to do on the car before it can go to IVA are: Reverse and fog lights, the interior (other than dash), the exhaust box, and breather filter on the engine. That's it.


The kit was delivered to us in May 2012. We estimated build time to be approximately 2 years. Now, we think the car will be ready for IVA sometime in February. This means the build would have taken between ten and eleven months. I think both Dad and I are both shocked by the fact that it has just blown by. It has almost been too quick to enjoy it. I say that as if we haven't enjoyed it but, so far, it has been brilliant (and that's an understatement).


I apologise again for the fact that this post has not contained muchdetail. Although it seems that a lot has been missed, there has not been manydetailed jobs. It has pretty much been big things that don't really take that much time.


So, currently, Dad is beginning to tackle the interior. I have made adigital plan for the carpet and we will look to order that soon. As I writethis, Dad is making up the seats. As we have always said, we are using the original leather from the XJ and using it on the new seat bases. It is going well so far.

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