Ronarts Ronarts 141600049 Odd spare wheel placement and big windscreen. 141600050 Obviously very quick. 141600051 Nice exhaust system. 141600052 Not my cup of tea really because it's not classic looking but very very nice for what it is! 141600053 141600054 Very nice engine bay, nice looking cam covers. 141600055 Very interesting car, like the classic race styling! 141600056 Extreme exhaust system, looks (and is) purposeful. 141600057 Liking the decals/stickers. 141600058 Old style number. 141600059 British Racing Green! 141600060 Dark coloured wheels, are they body colour? 141600061 Looks like alloy trim on the rear wings. 141600062 Very simple car but effective. 141600063 At a show with Authur Wolstenholme, Founder and Managing Directer of Ronart Cars. Show condition car, like the bulkhead and deeply reflective colour. 141600064 Good picture, shame about the car in the background really. Leaper on the front is interesting. 141600065 Exceptional looking car here. Exposed alloy, twin (quad) side pipes, louvres. We look to do a side pipe design similar to this but maybe with just one and box (maybe even open pipes!). 141600066 Nice view, good to see people interested by it. 141600067 Better view of exhausts. What a stunner. 141600068 Big screen and lefty. 141600069 Looks funny from the back and that spare wheel placing again. Might be a requirement in that country? 141600070 Good view of the chassis with a V12 in it. Looks like Weber down-draft carbs. 141600071 Nice detailing but maybe a bit too much for me, and what's up with the exhaust box? It looks big. 141600072 Nice old fashioned four spoke steering wheel. We've got a Mota-Lita to go there, luckily came with the donor! 141600073 Different take on the original cam covers. Great triple SUs, probably from an E-Type. 141600074 Broader view, screen's different. 141600075 Another view of the engine bay. 141600076 The front vents and scoops look extremely well done. I like the rivets. 141600077 Funny seeing the headrest. Different rear light clusters. 141600078 Very crisp photo. The car looks like a very good example. 141600079 A better view. 141600080 Good looking original style example. The tonneau looks good. 141600081 Ronarts in a line with a modern Vanwall in there too. Could be on a tour or at a meet. 141600082 Another view. 141600083 The whole line shows you the different ideas people have had with their colours. 141600084 The Lightning at the end of the line. I don't know them well enough to tell if it's a 4.6L supercharged or an electric one! 141600085 Good view showing a Vanwall. I think this is one of the two seat models. 141600086 Rear view with what I think could be a badge. Also, notice the headrest for the passenger. 141600087 Great look. 141600088 These are standard cam covers with the flutes (ribbing) taken off. Looks similar to the older style one of the XK cars and older one like the Mk 2 and 420G. 141600089 That wheel placing again with a different number plate position too. 141600090 Nice looking example. Gives me a rough idea what ours will look like when finished. 141600091