Inspirations Inspirations Shows how they used rivets and see the size of the louvres! 141604690 Gorgeous looking Ferrari, shows how there wasn't any real advertising back then. 141604691 Old aero. One of the biggest inspirations for the Ronart W152 design was the Mercedes W154. 141604692 Shows more of racing in general. 141604693 Shows all the vents and racing features of an old car. 141604694 The only thing that separates the Ronart's looks from a 50s F1 car is the fact that it has twice as many seats but what's the point of an awesome car if you can't share it. 141604695 We've always love the idea of having an old transporter to suit. 141604696 A model of Ecurie's D-Type Le Mans transporter. How cool is this. I saw a similar thing once at the Goodwood Revival a few years ago. 141604697 Shows advertising well. 141604698